lonely night

hello ,bonjour :)

i'm so lonely at this night because nobody accompany me .my sister ,mom and dad ,they are already asleep .im just alone at my room .now ,im just online,and watching korean drama at maaduu.com .maaduu.com is a web that have a lot of korean drama .if u want to watch some korean drama , just go there okay .ohh oh noo .my stomach start make a crockkk sound .shitt .please stop it .im so lazy to go kitchen because im scare to go there alone :( .what should i do ?can anybody help me ?superman help me please !.ahaha *nonsense-.- .okay .i'll stop here .i want continue watching 'cruel love' .byebye :)


  1. cruel love? best ka? lama suda nda tgk drama korea :)

  2. alolololo.. sedih nyew.. meh nami teman kan kamu .. nk? nami pown always alone at home.... papa mama kje... :')

  3. ehe baeknya kamu:).loh really ?kesian nami :(